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The Pizza Company and Performance Mercedes-Benz

Albert DiGirolamo, Owner, The Pizza Company

Our company is The Pizza Company in St. Catharines. We've been in business 28 years. I purchased the Sprinter in 2013.

We cater during the day with a fair-sized amount of orders. We deliver with the Sprinter. People know we're coming because of that truck.

We pick up supplies with the Sprinter also. There is a wholesale company in the city. That truck is big enough - it's got the cargo that we need, even for the flour that we buy. We can transport flour very easily.

The biggest feature about the Sprinter is its size. We wrap the truck with our name, logo, pictures on it, and its just big. Everybody sees it coming!

Another thing I like about the Sprinter is its diesel motor. I've never owned a diesel before. I've always had fair-sized vehicles. And the gas mileage is just phenomenal.

I would definitely purchase another Sprinter. This one runs good. I think its going to last a long time!

The first time I noticed the Sprinter, I was driving down Ontario Street where the dealership is located. I made a phone call. I got in contact with Jesse Scott - he was absolutely great. He brought us the Sprinter here to our business. I hopped in and went for a ride.

I remember Jesse saying you would never think you were in a big vehicle. He was right. You think you're in a regular car. So we went on a nice test drive. Came back. About a week later, we had it here. It was a great process. Everything was great!

Mr. & Mrs. Sijm and Performance Mercedes-Benz

My Sprinter Story, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sijm

The Sprinter is my daily driver, but we purchased a vehicle that we can camp in also. We purchase the Sprinter in January 2014.

What I appreciate most about this vehicle is the utility - it pulls my boat, we camp in it, I can put all my tools in, my grand kids can travel in it - we have a crew cab option. We can carry an extra three passengers.

I also utilize the Sprinter for the Canadian Cancer Society, so sometimes I carry three or four passengers. There's easy ingress and exit. People love the way it drives, and the way it sits, and the view.

The purchasing experience was phenomenal. We dealt with Mr. Jesse Scott. And it was flawless right from the beginning to the end. He answered all our questions. We took our time. All the information I needed was forwarded to me. We did some emailing back and forth. And it was an extremely pleasant experience. So we were satisfied all the way around.

My 82-year-old mother-in-law was hesitant to travel with us at the beginning. But since I made a little step on the side, she's really comfortable in it. She loves driving in the Sprinter because she sits up high. The view is excellent - way better than the sedan.

Again, anything I need to do with this unit, it's possible. I carry my tools, I carry furniture, I carry supplies, I carry my fishing tackle, I can pull my boat. The Sprinter is a pleasure to own!

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Dear Mr. Champion and Mr. O'Neil:We are writing you to ensure all possible recognition and appreciation goes to Shobhit Kapoor, with whom we had the great pleasure of dealing.The allure of a Mercedes is strong.  Both my wife and I were "just looking" when we came to your dealership in June.  Through the time and knowledge Shobhit shared with us we came to appreciate the particulars that make Mercedes internationally renowned: engineering, safety, luxury and beauty.We made the decision to buy that day due to Shobhit.  There wasn't a question he couldn't answer.  There wasn't a feature of the vehicles he did not know.  Just amazing.  He made our time and purchase an extraordinary experience.We look forward to being long time Mercedes owners and working with Shobhit and your Service Department. Your entire staff were friendly, gracious and welcoming. We remain Shobhit's biggest fans!

Gillies & Liz P.

I have to tell you that it was a very, very positive experience all together.

We came into your dealership honestly not looking for a Mercedes but the minute we walked in Shobhit took an amazing care of us - he was so, so patient, answered all of our questions and spent over 4 hours that day just explaining the brand, the advantages and great advise/comparisons on the other car that we actually had our heart set on already … at the same time he wasn't pushy or too aggressive our entire experience was extremely pleasant so thank you!

Angelica S.

Everything from the welcome reception we received during the first conversation we had with Chris Kurdziel to our decision to purchase a GLK 250 was a pleasure.

Totally satisfied with the entire experience. Chris Kurdziel is an outstanding, knowledgeable salesperson and I would highly recommend him to any of my friends looking for a Mercedes. Nicholas Da Costa was thorough in explaining extended warranties. He took the time to answer all of my questions and I felt very confident in my purchase.

I always feel completely cared for at the MB dealership. Whether it is service or sales (Nick Smolak) I always feel as though your team has my best interest at heart....and that is rare when speaking about cars and car dealerships.  You offer a very different experience from other dealerships (and brands).  Performance MB puts the customer first at all contact points (at least that has been my experience for over 17 years).  My friends do not give the same report from places they frequent.

David H.

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